Sustainable, family focused neighborhoods

As Maumee moves forward, we need to be very strategic when expanding and growing.  

I support policies that will help develop livable, family friendly neighborhoods in Maumee, where residents can live, work and play.

Economic efficiency and technological innovation

Maumee is facing another budget deficit, and now more than ever I believe we need to be very responsible when spending tax payer's dollars.  By using technology, we can create innovative ways to deliver services more effectively.  

Collaboration, representation and transparency

I believe that elected officials should work FOR the residents.  I value the opinions of the residents, and want to foster an open two-way communication between the City of Maumee and its residents.

Policy Priorities


Create a 311-style call center to streamline city services

Maumee residents deserve a city government that will listen and work for them.  While out knocking on doors and talking to residents, I've heard form so many that they either don't know who to call and when they do call they don't receive any response or followup.  By implementing a call center, we will ensure:

  • One phone number to call with a service request, whether it's to report a pothole or request a tree trim
  • The ability to track service requests to help streamline the the delivery of the service
  • The collection of data to start making smart budgeting decisions.  

Increase economic growth and job creation

I believe in the value of hard work, and I want Maumee to focus on creating higher wage jobs, greater worker protections, and more opportunities for entrepreneurship and economic development.  Maumee hasn't had a Master Plan since the 70's, and I from working in municipal government I know how important master plans are for zoning and planning and future urban development.  That's why I support Clear Vision for Maumee's initiative.  Maumee is a land-locked suburb, so we need to be strategic.  With community input, a Master Plan can help guide us to:

  • Connect neighborhoods and business districts to ensure all parts of the city feel whole
  • Improve walkways,  add bike lanes, and ensure accessibility for seniors and persons with disabilities
  • Assess our parks and greenspace
  • Market our available land and property to new and existing businesses

Invest in parks, recreation programs and a Youth Commission

To become a more family-friendly community, I want to:

  • Invest in our existing parks and greenspace to make sure the grass and landscaping is maintained, playground equipment is safe, and the amenities are in good working condition.
  • Reestablish quality youth recreation programs to give children the opportunity to play and grow, connect families, and boost our community.
  • Create a Youth Commission to provide young people the opportunity to develop leadership skills and advise City Council on issues impacting young people in Maumee.

Branding and beautification

Maumee is a great place to live, and I think the City should do more to show off our Maumee pride!  We can do this by improving our branding,  installing new city signage and our entrance points, beautifying our medians and public property.  Investing in these things and more can help improve a Mamuee’s image, and contribute to gains in tourism, economic development and citizen pride.

Environmental Sustainibility

 The immediate needs of the city shouldn’t cause us to forget the crucial priority of sustainability. Cities play a critical role in addressing sustainability. One policy we should investigate is adding composting to Maumee’s residential waste and recycling options. We should also prioritize appropriate sustainability features for new developments, such as solar energy and permeable surfaces.